Thursday, September 30, 2010

More ArtPrize

Two-year-old Logan explores the Wonder Wagon at the Plan B village. Plan B is a piece by the Beerhorst family that speculates what will happen to our world if gasoline becomes unavailable and electricity becomes intermittent.

Lainey Simms, age 8, stands in front of Snider and Hocking’s piece called, Relics. All the items in Relics were found in abandoned buildings and junkyards in Detroit, Mich.

Placed around the city of Grand Rapids are 20 pianos saying "Play Me, I'm Yours". The artist, Luke Jerram, designed the pianos as a way to get people talking and expressing themselves. After ArtPrize the pianos will be donated to schools and community groups around Grand Rapids.

Balloon Chain by Robert Bose

Mudbowl - a Cornerstone University homecoming tradition.

A little football in the mud never hurt anyone.

Mudbowl Essential = The most ridiculous clothing you can find.

People are puttin' on their gameface - literally.

She may look like a girl, but she doesn't play like one.

This was her reaction to a teammate's broken finger. So, I guess I lied about mud football never hurting anyone. Sorry Holli-Noelle.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Katherine's Backyard

Art Prize 2010

Uncorked by Artist Stephanie Schlatter
Wine tasting and gorgeous glass.

Dream Collection by Heather Holloman
This piece had 378 jars, each representing a dream. Each jar had a tag describing the dream and floating inside the water-filled jars were items that represented the dream.

Thursday, September 16, 2010