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This summer my brother, Michael, and I have an awesome opportunity to travel to Lipjan, Kosovo in Eastern Europe to help with an English camp for elementary-age kids. We went last year for two weeks and this year we knew we wanted to go back. And this time we’re staying for a month! We are so excited to go back and see our Kosovar friends!

Wanna know what we’ll be doing there?

We will be working at a day camp at the Better Life Center in the village of Lipijan. The BLC works to help heal ethnic tensions between the Albanians and the Serbians in the worn-torn country of Kosovo (it’s the world’s newest country – Google it). We will be camp counselors for 8 & 9 year olds as they take conversational English classes, have craft time, and play games. Every afternoon we are able to visit a different camper’s family in their home. These visits are the heart and soul of why we are there in Kosovo. Kosvars are extremely social people and they love to share with us about their family and their history and in turn we are able to share our personal beliefs and share the love of Christ with them. During our trip, we will also be living in the home of a Kosovar family for the entire stay, which is interesting, to say the least. But it’s always fun, whether they’re teaching us how to pour tea or they’re helping us learn Albanian colors and numbers by playing Uno. :)

How can you help?

Glad you asked. To raise the funds needed for this trip, we are having a mega garage sale and are asking for your unwanted items to sell (April-June). Give me a call, text, or Facebook message and Michael or I will gladly pick up your item or items. Small and large items gladly acceptedJ. Baby and children’s clothing, too! 248.210.8755

Please remember us when you are doing your spring cleaning, or maybe after your own garage sale, you might like to pass along the leftovers. Anything is appreciated.


P.S. Here are some photos from our trip to Kosovo last summer:

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Magical things can happen when you mix steel wool, sparks, and a long exposure.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

City Night, City Lights

A downtown Grand Rapids photoshoot with my lovely roommate Emma Kelly. Props to Paul Ochoa for being the lighting assistant and to Alyssa Vandermate for being a creative mind and moral support.

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A Grand place to be.

Snowy days soften the city streets.

Coat of Many Colors store.

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A few of my favorite things.

Two of my favorite things in the world right now are pears and this red scarf. I couldn't resist the look of the colors and textures together, so I marched over to Cornerstone's shiny new photography studio and snapped some shots.

Get yo swag on....whip mah hair.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The shadows will fall behind you.

Where: Ada, Michigan
What: Sun, bridge, words, light, branches

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Something New and Cool

Hey 2011 Folks,

I'm drifting into uncharted seas with my friend Katie Selden (she is the bee's knees). She asked me to join her in a 365 day photo project. We're doing it ABC style. Every day of the month is a letter! Hooray!

So errrr'body check it out! Letterography

Here is a photo of a baby that is on the will entice you to click on the link, yes?